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What you see above, is my (failed) attempt at making another page. It took months, and it's still not finished.
Eh. There's no point denying it anymore, and I'm out of delusional cornflakes.
The fact is this comic is dead. I've lost my drawing groove and stuff. *sigh*

Feel free to yell at me in my forum, that's what it's for.

It was a really hard decision, and it hurts me to end it that way, but at least we (me and you) can perhaps use our time better than trying to do something with this corpse.

Hopefully one day I'll be able to draw again, or at least otherwise express myself, when that happens I'll be sure to notify you of my another project.
Look out for the notification here, and on the various forums I visit (Keenspace GD,CharmigEclipse and my own forum) (I suggest the forums...)

Though... it may take a while... like, a couple of months or so.

The archives stay up as long as keenspace exists. And even after that, provided I can find a free host.

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BTW, I updated the links page

EDIT(2005-11-30)- due to the infestation of the tagboard with spam, it needs to be removed.
If you want to contact me use e-mail or the forum. (the tagboard used to be here)
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